[Web Wrap]: Black Life: The Photostory by Ruben Mangasaryan Tries to Change Gadyan’s Life.

September 18, 2010

“Black Life” exhibition of Armenian photojournalist Ruben Mangasaryan aims to attract more support for the poor family.

On 16 September, 7:00 p.m. “Black Life” exhibition will be held at the Art Gallery (Leo 52, Yerevan). The photostory is about an Armenian family of refugees living in the village of Bagratashen. Prominent Armenian photojournalist Ruben Mangasaryan had been shooting the story of that family’s “black life” for more than 6 years. Some of these photographs were published by major international media including BBC and Days Japan.

Using his photographs, Ruben found support for the struggling family from all around the world. Yet the family still lives in the same appalling conditions. The aim of the exhibition is to present the work done by Ruben on this project, reflecting the power of media to call the attention of people from many continents to a small poor family living in the frontier zone of Armenia. The exhibition also aims to attract more support for the family and eventually resolve their problems.

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Black Life

Credit: Bravo.am

Black life1

Credit: Bravo.am

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