[Web Wrap]: David Arathoon: “I Would Love to Go Someday: Maybe to Paint or to Do an Art Exhibit in Armenia” .

September 13, 2010

Toronto-based Armenian painter David Arathoon plans to exhibit in Armenia.

Toronto-based painter enjoys genealogy and finding fascinating ancestors in his Armenian family tree.

“David Arathoon is glad to exchange information with other genealogists, especially with those interested in British peerage; whether early Scots in Jamaica 1650-1850 or Armenian “merchant princes” living in India and Iran 1500-1950.” So reads David Arathoon’s web-site. David Arathoon is a famous artist of Toronto, Canada. His surname Arathoon derives from Armenian surname Harutiunian.

“I feel 99.9% Armenian and have always been very very aware of my Armenian roots and my genealogy. What I didn’t know much about was the ancestry of my one English ancestor, a great-great grandfather who married an Armenian lady. He was related to the peerage, and his family descended from the kings of Europe and Britain. He was a direct descendant of Charlemange. That is if there is any truth to the royal pedigrees and records available for all to use,” David Arathoon writes to “Hetq”.  

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Credit: HetqOnline

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