[Web Wrap]: ‘Beast on the Moon’ to Open in Hollywood on Sept. 11.

September 10, 2010

Story of Armenian Genocide survivals Seta and Aram is depicted in “Beast on the Moon” film by Richard Kalinoski, translated into 17 languages and produced in venues all over the world.

HOLLYWOOD—Seta and Aram have one thing in common: they survived. Now, this young photographer and his mail-order bride—two exiles in a foreign land—must look to their future together in order to heal the past. Olga Konstantulakis and Zadran Wali star in Richard Kalinoski’s critically acclaimed, award-winning drama, Beast on the Moon—a lyrical triumph of hope, humanity, and love.

“Yes, you are my husband, and I am grateful, but I am Armenian too, I am a dead person living too…” –Seta, BotM, Act Two, Scene Three

1920’s Milwaukee. In ordering his bride, Aram Tomasian saves a teenage girl, Seta, from a shared peril: the Armenian holocaust. His plan is to start a family, one big enough to replace the family ripped from him—the plan is to start over in America. But, as the couple struggles to redefine family amidst grief and displacement, these kindred strangers realize a love deeper than ever imagined. This sensitive, yet humorous love story has moved audiences in 17 countries, and won more than 40 awards.

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Cast of “Beast on the Moon”


Credit: Asbarez.com

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