[FAR New York]: FAR Board Member Visits Gyumri Projects.

September 10, 2010

On September 7, FAR Board member Michael Haratunian with his wife Marie visited Gyumri. Mr. Haratunian, reviewed FAR projects currently under way in the city: GTech, Ounjian School and Gyumri Orphanage.
GTech Deputy Director Amalya Eghoyan shared with visiting guests the new developments in the Center, focusing on the establishment of the GTech business incubation unit.

Mr. and Mrs. Haratunians visited GTech

M. Haratounian

Credit:FAR Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Haratunian visited the construction site of the Ounjian School, where new premises are being erected thanks to generosity of the School benefactor, Dr. John Ounjian from the US.

Michael Haratunian in the Ounjian School’s
Construction Site

M. Haratounian 1

Credit: FAR Staff

The visit to the Gyumri Orphanage was very emotional. The Orphanage children (aged from 1 month to 6 years) had eyesight and spinal health problems.  Though, in the recent years the Armenian government has been making efforts to improve the conditions of those children, still there are numerous problems and needs to address. Ms. Ruzanna Avagyan, Orphanage Director talked to the guests about the challenges they are facing.

Mr. and Mrs. Haratunians
visited Gyumri

M. Haratounian 4

Credit: FAR Staff

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