[Gtech]: GTech Gains a New Family Member.

September 7, 2010

FAR’s Gyumri Information Technology Center would like to welcome Darryn Glenn as the latest member of its family. Darryn, a Peace Corps volunteer who began his assignment in August, will spend the next two years helping to further build and develop Gyumri’s IT community through Gtech.

A New Jersey native, Darryn holds a degree in information studies from Syracuse University. Before moving to Gyumri, he lived in New York. He follows Peace Corps volunteers Brian Harper and Joshua Miller who recently completed their assignments after working in Gtech’s administration department.

Peace Corps Volunteer Darryn Glen is
the Latest Member of the Gtech Family

GTech_Peace Corp volunteer

Credit: FAR Staff

“The people in Armenia are very hospitable,” said Darryn, who also noted how passionate and proud Gyumretzis are about their city. He’s been learning more and more about Gyumri and Armenian history each day. “Because of their passion, the Armenian people will continue to advance in the field of information technology and Armenia is becoming more and more of a major player in the international IT market. ”

FAR, in partnership with several technology companies, created Gtech in 2005 with the goal of broadening the skills of young Armenians and expanding opportunities in the region. Gtech also helps to bolster development by providing an incubator space for new start up IT businesses.

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