[FAR Scholarships]: FAR Educational Programs Council Selects this Year’s Mathevosian Scholars.

September 6, 2010

FAR’s Educational Programs Committee on September 2 selected 11 new Mathevosian scholars for the 2010-2011 academic year.

For 13 years, FAR’s Mathevosian Scholarship Program has provided much-needed assistance to students from extremely poor families, more than half of whom have grown up in households with only one parent or with disabled parents. More than 136 students have received sponsorship since the program began. Armenian-American benefactor Anoosh Mathevosian founded this scholarship, which covers tuition for all four years of college.

FAR Educational Programs Committee
Discusses the Application Results

FAR Selection Committee_discussions

Credit: FAR Staff

This year, 53 students from nearly every region of Armenia applied for Mathevosian scholarships. Educational Program Council members traveled throughout the country to conduct interviews and familiarize themselves with the living conditions of each applicant over the course of seven days. The purpose of home visits was to get familiarized with social conditions of the applicants’ families and obtain a greater sense of each applicant’s need. Due to the popularity of this scholarship and the overwhelming need for financial support by so many, the Mathevosian scholarship is highly competitive. Yet, due to generous support from the Diaspora, 11 more young Armenians will now be able to fulfill their dream of earning a university degree.

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