[Web Wrap]: Peter Balakian’s Ziggurat, a book of poems, to be out Sept. 11.

September 3, 2010

Peter Balakian’s  new book “Ziggurat” with its “rise and fall” life philosophy is devoted to September 11, 9/11.

Hamilton, N.Y. – In his first book of poems since his highly praised June-tree: New and Selected Poems 1974-2000, Peter Balakian continues to define himself as one of the most distinctive voices of his generation.

Exploring history, self, and imagination, as well as his ongoing concerns with catastrophe and trauma, many of his new poems wrestle with the aftermath of 9/11.

About Ziggurat, prize-winning poet Carolyn Forché has written:

With characteristic originality, Balakian finds his echoing motif in the construction of the first great skyscraper, the Ziggurat at Ur, and this gives his epic poem, ‘A-Train/Ziggurat/Elegy,’ a historical depth I have found nowhere else in American poetry in recent years. What Balakian has achieved here is a brilliant assimilation of the historical, philosophical, political, and psychological.

Please continue reading here.

Ziggurat Cover

Peter Balakian_Ziggurat

Credit: The Armenian Reporter

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