[Web Wrap]: Have You Climbed Mt. Ararat, Lately?

September 1, 2010

Diasporan Armenians again fulfill their dream – climbing the summit of Mt. Ararat.

By Edna Baghoumian via Hetq Online

It is mid August again and the heat has been unbearable, here, in Yerevan, but the conditions for climbing Mt Ararat (elevation 5,137 m/16,854 ft) are perfect – the best time of the year for such an undertaking.
In the past month or so, I have heard of a few groups of climbers who have successfully climbed Mt. Ararat and proudly announced their achievement.

I’m no mountain climber, myself, but coming from the same background as many Diaspora Armenians, I can well understand the desire and appeal for taking on such a challenge. I wanted to know about the real motivation that drives so many to attempt the climb. Mt. Ararat is certainly nowhere near as high as the Himalayas or as daunting a climb. Even so, one needs to keep the main goal in mind and a burning desire together with sheer strength of will to keep going until one reaches the summit.

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Credit: Edna Baghoumian via Hetq Online

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