[CASP Beneficiary Profile]: Lilit Narinyan.

August 12, 2010

By Levon Lachikyan

There are 75 CASP children currently at the Siranush Camp in Yeghegnadzor. Normally, if one looks carefully, they might notice sadness in their eyes, as none of them have fathers. During our visit, however, all seemed to be happy. Today, not every Armenian family can afford to send their child to a camp. Fortunately, Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program, which provides financial support to children in need, creates such a unique opportunity.

One of these children is Lilit Narinyan. This 14 year old has an inexplicable charm and dances beautifully. Lilit was born in town Goris and she was four when her father died. Today, she lives with her mother and brother in a rented apartment just outside of town.

Lilit CASP

Credit: Felix Arustamyan

Our conversation focused on many of her achievements. In 2004 she was deemed “Miss Syunik”; the same year she won second place in the “Miss Hayastan”contest. She was also named “Miss Asia” at the 2005 “Miss World” competition. She is also very accomplished in dance. As a solo dancer of the Syunik Dance Ensemble she has traveled throughout Armenia, as well as Hungary and Poland. Now she is in the tenth grade of Goris #2 secondary school. “I can’t imagine myself without dance. Dance is my life,” Lilit said.

At the Siranush camp, her everyday routine is full and she has made many new friends. This is certainly evident as her two friends Alina from Sisian sat next to her during our conversation. Both praised Lilit’s talent and expressed their wishes that she return to camp next summer.

Lilit dancing

Credit: Felix Arustamyan

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