[FAR Yerevan]: FAR Welcomes Armenian-American Youth in Yerevan.

July 9, 2010

Members of the ACYOA recently paid a visit to FAR’s Yerevan office. The group was part of the ACYOA’s Armenia Service Program, which gives Armenian-Americans the opportunity to visit their homeland, tours its sights, and also give back to its people through volunteer work.

FAR Country Director Bagrat Sargsyan welcomed the visitors and wished them a successful week of service in Gyumri. Country Deputy Director Margarit Piliposyan also introduced them to FAR’s 20 years of projects in Armenia. And finally, several Mathevosian Scholarship recipients also shared their success stories.

The Rev. Abdalian, who is accompanying the group, expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and entertainment. This visit will surely become a turning point for these Armenian-American adults, he said.

The ACYOA’s Armenia Service Program
in front of FAR’s office in Yerevan

DSC_0026 + _resize.jpg

Credit: FAR Staff

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