[Armenian Life]: Yerevan Hosts This Year’s Delphian Games.

July 1, 2010

By Levon Lachikyan

From June 26 until July 2, Armenia will be hosting the 6th Youth Delphian Games. Much like the Olympic Games, the Greeks organized the Delphian Games every four years and held them near the Temple of Apollo of Delphi. The games date back to 582 B.C. but were eventually forgotten; Greece revived the tradition about 30 years ago. Then in 2000, 1st World Delphian Games were organized and 27 countries participated. Since 2002, the games have been held exclusively in former Soviet nations now members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The purpose of the organizing the Delphian Games is to maintain and develop the cultural heritage of world nations, as well as to promote cultural communication. Armenia now proudly hosts 327 representatives from 12 countries. Two hundred Armenian participants have joined the games, too. Compared to previous times the only difference is in the prizes: the laurel wreaths to be awarded to the winners, are replaced with golden, silver and bronze medals with picture of Armenian goddess Anahit.

Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Youth Delphian Games

Opening ceremony.jpg

Credit: Levon Lachikyan

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