[Meet Our Staff]: Samantha McQueen.

June 9, 2010

FAR would like to welcome Samantha McQueen to our summer staff. She is working in the New York office as an intern and remains with us through August. Samantha is an Armenian-American university student and hopes to learn more about the logistics of a non-profit organization before continuing studies in public policy. Her experience includes event planning and marketing with UNICEF Italia. If you could not tell by the name alone, her Scottish Ancestry complements Samantha’s Armenian background. We are sure she will be using this perspective to post her experiences on FAR’s Blog. Please follow her through her internship as she provides a glimpse into the organization from her point-of-view.

Samantha is also updating our Facebook, including both the Hyastani Kidak Society and FAR fan pages, and will begin working on a new project to make FAR’s Facebook “friends” aware of the impact specific programs have on Armenian lives. Along with Yerevan office employee Hasmik Manukyan, she plans to gather information on individual beneficiaries and follow them on their journey to recovery with the help of the organization. Social workers along with other FAR employees help by providing information about new beneficiaries for Hasmik and Samantha. They hope to catch the interests of younger generations.

She looks forward to a busy summer and is excited to share the process with you!

Samantha McQueen


Credit: Artur Petrosyan

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