[Web Wrap]: Stressful Driving in Yerevan.

May 28, 2010

By Artur Papyan via The Armenian Observer Blog

I will have to say that the only time I seem to experience stress nowadays is when I am behind the wheel. With the supposed 400,000 vehicles on the road in Armenia, excluding countless vehicles registered in Georgia but constantly cruise Yerevan’s chaotic streets, it’s an ordeal to get around town, especially when no one watches where they’re going.

Drifting from lane to lane without signaling or looking in the rearview mirror is a normal thing. The only way to deal with it is to employ defensive driving. For some reason right turn signals have been installed at busy intersections, so now I find myself having to avoid getting into a collision with taxi drivers who drive recklessly, throwing caution to the wind by turning without looking to the left.

Please continue reading on The Armenian Observer Blog.

Traffic in Yerevan


Credit: Armenian Reporter

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