[FAR Scholarships]: A Proud Olympian.

May 25, 2010

Each year Armenia’s Ministry of Science and Education holds the academic Olympics in Yerevan with the purpose of discovering and recognizing outstanding students. Children around the country are invited to participate. This year, Araz Pirumyan, a ninth grader at the Hintlian School in Tavush Marz, was awarded a certificate of honor in history.

This is quite a notable achievement for one of Hintlian’s students. Last year, FAR worked in partnership with the Constantinople Armenians Relief Society (CARS), to support improvements at Hintlian. FAR gave stipends to underprivileged students to offset the hardships they experience at home, and enable them to focus more on academics. FAR also provided heating, Internet connection, and computer maintenance, as well as a musical center for students. In addition, many graduates received some tuition and transportation coverage for their university studies, and a select number of teachers were even given compensation for their continuing education.

Araz Pirumyan

Araz Pirumian with Certificate.jpg

Credit: FAR Staff

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