[Armenian Life]: May 9th.

May 18, 2010

May 9 is celebrated in the former Soviet Republics, now independent states, as a Victory day.

65 years ago, on that day Nazi Germany surrendered to the Soviet Army. Scoreless thousands of Armenians too paid an ultimate price for the fall of fascism in Europe. This was a unique time, though short lived, of US and the Soviets as allies against the barbarian Hitler regime.

In the wake of the 65th anniversary of that glorious union and victory, FAR beneficiaries in Armenia came together to thank all those brave sons of many nations who brought hope to future generations.

Armen Galstyan, a former FAR / CASP beneficiary,
drafted into the Armenian Army at the age of 18.
Young Armenian man have to serve for two years.

Armen Galstyan.JPG

Credit: FAR Staff

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