[Beneficiary Portrait]: Seiran Stepanyan.

May 17, 2010

Seiran was one year old when his father Hrair was stabbed and killed while trying to break up a fight between some teenagers. His mother Mary was devastated. The couple, along with Seiran and their other son Yuri were living with Hrair’s parents in a cramped, two-room apartment at the time. This devastating murder completely turned their lives upside down. Mary was forced to lean on her in-laws for financial and psychological support.

Today, Mary and her in-laws continue to work very hard to try and support Seiran, now 10, and Yuri, now 16. The CASP program provides much needed supplemental help for them by providing money needed to buy food, clothing, and other necessities, like a new bed for Seiran, and also by offering moral support.

Seiran was also extremely happy when he recently received one of the new backpacks donated by the Women’s Guild of Armenian Church in America (Eastern Diocese).

Seiran Stepanyan with his mother

Seiran with his Mother.jpg

Credit: FAR Staff


  1. As a women’s guild memeber. I am not sure I am happy that
    “Credit – Far Staff” is correct. It is the money from the Women’s Guild CASP and the Women’s Guild Book Bag and we
    THE WOMEN”S GUILD OF Eastern Diocese should be getting the credit.

  2. Dear Jackie,

    Of course, as we have mentioned in the third paragraph, it is the Women’s Guild CASP we have to thank for the financing of this particular project which is executed by FAR and the Women’s Guild. FAR is very particular and sensitive about highlighting sponsors/donors all the time.

    The line “Credit: FAR Staff” refers to the photo credits only; to honor their work we try to pay close attention to the photographers of the images we use. From time to time we are not able to name the photographer and thank our great staff in general.

    We hope that addresses your concerns. If not please feel free to comment again and we will revisit the issue.

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