[CSFC]: Seeking to Address the Problems of Child Abuse.

May 14, 2010

For the past 10 years, FAR’s Children’s Support Foundation Center (CSFC) has helped abused and neglected youth receive the support and services they need. According to the center, mental instability is considered a major cause of the abusive behavior some parents direct toward their children and a recent case reflects this growing problem.

One case involved three siblings whose mother was arrested for abuse. She had also previously spent time in jail for the murder of her boyfriend. Prior to her second arrest, she was extremely unstable, easily agitated by her children, and prone to beating them. One day her eight-year-old child was playing loudly with her cousin. Unable to stand the noise, the mother rushed outside and stabbed her child with a knife. The child is now hospitalized and her siblings are now at the center.

Case like these incorporate some of the major issues about the growing tendencies of child problems. It forces members of CSFC to grapple with complicated questions: What can we do to combat these wide spread problems? What does the future hold for these children?

CSFC is seeking to address these problems through the development of a legislative framework for the early identification, registration, referral, and treatment of child abuse.


Credit: FAR Staff

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