[CASP]: Der Undza Mirzoyan, a Man Who Helps to Make CASP Possible.

May 14, 2010

FAR partners with the Women’s Guild of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern Diocese) to implement the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP). Through close cooperation with the Dioceses in Armenia, CASP provides stipends donated from members of the Diaspora to Armenian children in need. Twice a year these stipends are organized and distributed through the Church with the help of local priests.

Der Undza Mirzoyan is one of the spiritual servants of the Armenian Apostolic Church who greatly promotes the successful development of the CASP program. He was assigned to the service in May 2009.

He was born in Yerevan in 1969 and worked as an engineer for many years before changing his life and becoming a priest at the church of the Syunik region in Southern Armenia. Der Undza remains incredibly dedicated to his church, yet he is also very involved with local schools and universities, and with youth like CASP. He delights in his daily conversations with the church’s Sunday school children, through which he can help to strengthen their faith and teach them more about their heritage.

“I am always where the youth are,” he said. “Our purpose is not only to share knowledge and skills with the children but also to unite them around the Armenian Church.”

Der Undza with CASP Beneficiaries

Der Undza with CASP beneficiaries 1.jpg

Credit: FAR Staff

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