[Beneficiary Portraits]: The Abajyan Family.

May 10, 2010

With a father who recently passed away and a mother who has difficulty finding steady work, the Abajyan family struggles every day to make ends meet. This spring they became one the newest beneficiaries of FAR’s Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP), which is truly lifesaving for them.

Although Mrs. Abajyan takes as many housecleaning jobs as she can, employment is never steady. All five siblings try to take care of one another and help out as much as they can through odd jobs, but this doesn’t stop life from being incredibly difficult. Often the family is late to pay the rent for the room they share and they can’t afford everyone’s school tuition. Assistance from their new CASP stipend, along with donations of toiletries and school supplies they receive from the Women’s Guild of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, will now make all the difference in helping to keep this family afloat.

The youngest daughter

Abajyan girl.jpg

The Abajyan Family


Credit: FAR Staff

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