[FAR Schools]: FAR Staff Surveys School Needs.

April 5, 2010

Several of FAR’s Armenia-based staff made visits to a few facilities in Gavar, which serve Armenia’s children. Programs Manager Karen Sargsyan, FAR Educational/Scientific Programs Coordinator Eduard Karapetyan, and FAR Chief Engineer Harutyun Hovsepyan first stopped by Gavar #1 Special School to view the sections of the building that need renovation. They also reviewed the list of necessary medical supplies and equipment needed at the school, which FAR intends to fill. At the Gavar Child Development and Rehabilitation Center, staffers got a closer look at the work of the center, and finally they paid a visit to Gavar Orphanage. All children received school bags, which have been donated to FAR by the Women’s Guild of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern).

Gavar Special School11.03.2010(2).jpg

Credit: FAR Staff

One comment

  1. My family visited Gavar Special School #1 in September 2009 and FAR’s initative is a laudable initiative to help the children with phisical defficiencies
    Krikorian Family

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