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[FAR Scholarships]: Sayan Scholarship Program.

April 30, 2010

Sayan Scholarship Program is one of the many educational programs, FAR has been implementing for students in Armenia over ten years. Recently, a meeting has been held with 20 students of Yerevan State Conservatory, 2009-2010 Sayan Scholarship beneficiaries. Best students of Vocal, Piano and Orchestral departments become beneficiaries of Sayan Scholarship Program as a result of competition, being organized every year. According to the program, each month they receive stipend in amount of 15 USD.

During the meeting, the results of first semester and other issues related to their studies were discussed. We were happy to know that many of the senior students are included in various orchestras and participate in concerts.

FARs 2010 Sayan Scholars

Sayan Scholarship beneficiares _ 2009-2010-(2) .jpg

Credit: FAR Staff


[FAR Scholarships]: A sculptor’s dream.

April 30, 2010

Lilit Sargsyan, a recipient of FAR’s Gulamerian Scholarship Program, recently debuted her sculpture and collages at a Yerevan State College of Fine Arts exhibition.

Lilit was raised at the Yerevan Nork Orphanage #2, where she arrived just days after she was born. As a child she used to craft small figurines out of putty and clay or compile collages out of whatever material she could get her hands on.

FAR’s Gulamerian Program supports older orphans as they transition into adulthood and pursue their own career path at colleges or trade schools. This program has helped Lilit, now in her third year at Yerevan State College, pursue her lifelong dream of being a sculptor.

Lilit Sargsyan - at workshop 1.JPG

Credit: FAR Staff


[Armenian Landscapes]

April 29, 2010

School Bus in Yerevan


Credit: Celine Kaladjian


[Blogs We Love]: ianyan Mag.

April 29, 2010

ianyan Mag delivers news, features and storytelling – great Armenian news from around the world, for both young and old generations and for your non-Armenian friends as well…

Please check out ianyan’s site here.


[Photography]: Nazik Armenakyan Presents: Images of Genocide survivors.

April 29, 2010

Hat Tip: Shushan Harutyunyan

A photo exhibition honoring survivors of the Armenian Genocide titled simply “Survivors” opened April 23 at the Union of Artists in Yerevan and is the two-year work of photojournalist Nazik Armenakyan.

In black and white it presents photos of 40 people who were eyewitnesses to the horrors that befell Armenians during the scourge by Ottoman Turkey in 1915-18.

Armenakyan, staff photographer at ArmeniaNow, says the experience of capturing the faces that represent the family histories of so many millions of Armenians worldwide was “another attempt to remind of the innocent victims of 1915.”

Continue on ArmeniaNow.

Don’t miss the online version of the “Survivors” photo project.


Copyright: Nazik Armenakyan


[FAR Soup Kitchens]: California Sunday School Provides Two Days of Meals for FAR / BAFA Soup Kitchen.

April 29, 2010

Once again the children of the Sunday School of St. Mary Armenian Church in Costa Mesa, California, with the help of principal Izzy Toumanian and Nina Youusefian, pulled together a huge donation for FAR’s soup kitchens. Their gift provided two days of free meals, which fed about 800 people.

FAR’s five soup kitchens, which operate in cooperation with the Bay Area Friends of Armenia (BAFA), are located in Yerevan, Nor Hajn, and Ashtarak. Young and old alike rely on them for nourishing meals as well as clothing, toiletries, and a social outlet. FAR’s soup kitchens are also the only that serve refugee children from neighboring Azerbaijan.

Over the past few years St. Mary’s has started to support the BAFA soup kitchens on an annual basis. In fact, some beneficiaries are familiar with the children of Costa Mesa Sunday School. Many continually express their gratitude for the school’s support.

“These meals nourish not only out stomachs, but our souls,” said Shushan, an 84-year-old grandmother who frequently visits Nor Hajn. “We are so grateful.”

Grandmother Shushan

Grandma Shushan.jpg

Refugee Children from Azerbaijan

Nor Hajn Soup Kitchen's young beneficiary .jpg

Beneficiaries of Soup Kitchen

Nor Hajn Soup Kitchen .jpg

Credit: Felix Arustamyan


[Beneficiary Potraits]

April 28, 2010

Young Violinist at FARs Octet Music School

747362512_far1279 (1069).jpg

Credit: FAR Staff