[CME]: FARs CME Program continues to reach new regions of Armenia.

March 22, 2010

FAR’s Medical Program Coordinator Dr. Hambartzum Simonyan recently ventured to Shirak to examine some of the region’s under-resourced hospitals and promote the opportunity of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program by handing out information and applications to potential participants.

Vice Rector of Yerevan State Medical University Dr. Gevorg Yaghdjyan joined Dr. Simonyan for this visit, and the two closely evaluated medical needs. Together they visited Akhuryan and Ashotsk hospitals, where poor equipment and a lack of adequate training leaves the region’s 6,000 inhabitants in dire need of proper medical care.

Through CME, doctors in remote regions have the opportunity to enhance their medical skills by training for several months at top medical centers in Yerevan with leaders in their field. They have continual support through ongoing networks even after they return to their home regions. CME is one of FAR’s most extensive programs, as well as one of its most necessary, as thousands of Armenians in rural regions lack appropriate medical care. More than 160 physicians from Armenia’s provinces have been trained through CME.

Doctors of the Shirak region
during their Continuing Medical Education, sponsored by FAR


Credit: FAR Staff

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