[Listening to Armenia]: Eva Rivas’ Hayastan Nostalgia.

March 19, 2010

By Daniele Faye Sourian Sahr

What evokes Armenia more than the freshly picked apricot,
ripe and succulent? In the song “Apricot Stone,” Eva Rivas lovingly
sings of the Motherland and these precious
“kisses of the earth”; these “fruits of the sun.”

This year’s Eurovision contest is the stage
for Eva’s heartfelt homage to Hayastan.
Though Eva is born and raised in Russia,
like all Armenians, her spirit, when away, yearns to go home
or at least carry it close
and keep it alive, anywhere and everywhere.

“Apricot stone
Hidden in my hand
Given back to me
From the motherland

Apricot stone
I will drop it down
In the frozen ground
Let it, let it make its round”

Eva’s won a spot for Armenia in the contest’s semi-finals and will perform in May! I’ll keep you posted, here, at Listening to Armenia. In the meantime, check out a video of Eva singing “Apricot Stone.”

(Lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan, Music by Armen Martirosyan)

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