[GTech]: The Spring 2010 Semester has started…

March 12, 2010

By Amalya Yeghoyan

The first day of Spring was not only a warm start into nicer weather for the GTech students but also heralds the 2010 Spring semester. A new semester is opening new opportunities for GTech students. They are getting specialized in many professional areas like “Operating Systems including windows, Mac and Unix”, “Dynamic Web development on the basis of Static Web Development”, “Java Programming”, “Network Technologies via CISCO and D-Link Programs”, “Data Base Management”, “C++” and many more. Together with the high tech courses the curriculum also includes courses of “Project Management” and “Technical English”.

At the beginning of Spring 2010 semester GTech has formed its brand new Incubation Center with the help of our professional and high skilled project manager Andranik Ghukasyan. The Incubation Center will enable graduates and students to perform “real life” projects, a great preparation for the professional environment they are about to enter.

The semester will last 16 weeks and will end with 2010 diploma projects and graduation.

New 2010 students at GTech


Credit: FAR Staff

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