[FAR Schools]: New Applicants for Ounjian School Selected.

September 21, 2009

Dr. Ounjian offers hope to some of the most promising students in the city of Gyumri.  The Ounjian School is a public school located in one of the poorest districts in Gyumri.  This school is funded partially by the government, but also heavily subsidized by Dr. Ounjian, who is a devoted FAR benefactor.  Children living in this district are raised in particularly vulnerable situations.

No only does Dr. Ounjian subsidize the operations of the school, he also provides scholarships for a few graduating students to attend university.  Dr. Ounjian does this great work through FAR. Students receiving the university scholarships would not otherwise be able to afford higher education, as their parents are unemployed in most cases. Dr. Ounjian is a real remedy for this community, and this year was no exception as 12 applicants were selected to continue their higher education after graduating from the public school.

Making a difference in lives of so many young people also brightens life of the devoted benefactor who enjoys visits to Gyumri and meetings with the students who he calls his “sons and daughters.”

The 2009 newcomers at the Ounjian School

New grantees with Mr. Ounjian 1

Credit: FAR Staff

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