[CME] : FAR Health Programs Coordinator Hambardzum Simonyan Visits Ararat

May 8, 2009

Notwithstanding the short period of its (four-year) activity (2005-2009), FAR Health Program has managed to contribute to the development and reform of the RA Health Care system.

As a result, many health care establishments have been provided with medical equipment and 170 physicians from various RA regions, Karabagh and Javakhk have participated in the CME training.

However, there are still many places where applications haven’t been received from. One such place is the town of Ararat, adjacent to the capital city of Yerevan. Its regional hospital provides medical service to nearly 40,000 residents. This Institution has 250 employees and52 of them are physicians. On April 16, 2009, FAR Health Programs Coordinator Hambardzum Simonyan visited Ararat with the purpose to introduce the FAR Health Program to the hospital staff.

Visiting the regional hospital of Ararat

At Ararat regional hospital1

Credit : FAR Staff

During the meeting with the physicians Simonyan emphasized the purpose of FAR, which is to create equal conditions for the health care specialists from the all RA regions. He then represented the CME Program stressing the importance of the continuing education and training.

Hambardzum informed the physicians of the Republican Scientific-Medical Library and Salzburg Medical Seminar International (SMSI) and concluded the meeting with discussions.

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