A Stimulating Trip

March 17, 2009

I was born in Armenia and immigrated to the United States when I was only twelve. At the time I decided to go back, I didn’t remember too much about my country. My first trip to Armenia was with  FAR Young Professionals (“FAR YP”) in 2005. Prior to that, I heard countless wonderful stories from numerous people regarding FAR YP trips to Armenia. Apprehensive, and unsure of what to expect, I decided to go. After finally arriving, albeit a long trip through Vienna, I was in awe for the next two weeks.

Traveling with FAR YP, I visited every major part of Armenia, learning my history and culture. Every monument and every church had an astounding emotional affect on me. The locals were welcoming and loving, although they had little food to feed their own families. With open hearts and smiles, they brought fruits, cheese, lavash, coffee, and pastries to receive us in their homes. Further, Arto’s unrelenting enthusiasm and dedication, coupled with his unparalleled knowledge of Armenia, made the trip even more gratifying.

FAR YP brought our country’s deeply rooted traditions and culture to the surface. The trip was more of a soul fulfilling, mentally stimulating pilgrimage than your typical summer vacation.

Marine V. – YP 2005

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